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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cooking crab apples and cake

Our Crab apple tree has had a bumper crop, so we went out and picked bucketfuls, but still haven't even made a dent in it. Sharon and Adrianne reminded us to pick by twisting the stalk not pulling it, careful your fingers don't bruise the fruit.
Then Adrianne and the children cut off the stalks and the Calyx.See they are like eating apples, and even have seeds inside you could grow a tree from.
Boil up the apples to make a pulp.
Cooled spoon it into Adrianne's mother's jelly bag.
No squeezing, no poking, no prodding, just let the juice drain.The juice was then measured into a pot.Next sugar was measured in. Then we boiled it up and Sharon (too hot for the children) spooned it into pots were it set nicely. Crab apple jelly is apparently very good with lamb, cheese or crackers.Also round the back lots of feijoas had dropped down too, so we gathered those and Adrianne and the children made a really yummy feijoa cake.

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