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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Frozen Hands

30 June 2009
Claire’s voice: When James saw the hands he instantly came over and got right into it. With Emily they loved looking for the difference in the ice: smooth, cracked, sharp. He added lots of red dye and told me it was blood. His friend Emily didn't like the hand because it looked scary but you told her it was pretend and then she joined the group.

Jo's voice:

Together with Jake, Sam, Kyla, Rebecca, James, Emma and Emily’s help Claire unpacked her
frozen glove hands today and started to explore the effect of salt and dye on the hands. Sam found it intriguing when two frozen fingers fell off. Throughout the morning these children stayed engaged as they experimented with the effects of putting salt and dye onto the hands. Some thought it looked creepy, others thought it was so interesting to watch the colour permeate the ice. Taking a close look and experimenting with the use of pipettes captured the attention of everyone that was involved. Jake, Sam and Kyla are seen here taking a closer look at the before and after effects of their work. Claire played a supportive role in developing their
scientific skills of observation in a small group. What an amazing experiment.

James called this his 'rainbow hand'.

Sam was intrigued when the hand lost two of it's frozen fingers.

The salt really changed the texture of the hands.

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