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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some interesting Radio interviews

Two interesting interviews on Radio New Zealand National today.
The first was with David Engwicht on calming traffic through rebuilding communities, reclaiming the street.
In a nut shell, as children moved off the street, then off the footpath, then off the front yard and we then put up high fences, the streets moved from being a comfortable, friendly, familiar place to a barren wasteland. One to be got through as fast as possible as you moved from one comfortable place to another.
However by, for instance taking a chair out on the footpath and reading a book, waving at people and chatting with passers bye, you can start to reverse this process.

Say a person speeds past and you shake your fist at them. What would you do if someone shakes their fist at you? Fight of flight, so they usually speed up. But what if you wave at them? Who's that they think and slow down to have a look, think about it. reminds me of What Henare O'Keefe was saying, about choosing how we react to offense, we can give offense or give friendship.

David E reckons road signs and markings bombard people with rules. They're so busy following them they can't look out for the actual conditions. If the road is unmarked, narrowed by cars parked on it, has children playing on bikes along the footpath and people waving, it all adds to the uncertainty and everyone slows down, boy racer or safe driver. Plus the rubbernecker factor, oh look a party who's there, who's that gardening, painting, what are they wearing?

It also helps to get to know your neighbours and neighbour hood through street parties. What's Bobby up to today, I'll slow down and look.

You also gain a greater awareness of traffic speed, when you're out by the road, one that conveys to when you're driving.

The second talk was by Colwyn Trevarthen, who was talking about the inherent musicality between mothers (and fathers) and infants worldwide. Infants seem to have an innate sense of music and rhythm and parents develop this was we communicate this with them.

Both well worth listening to online (follow the links) if you missed them.

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