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Monday, July 27, 2009

Screw driver bar. Paepae rino huriwiri

Hannah had done everything right, pre drilled a hole and everything but it was still to hard to drive her screw into the wood. (It was a very long screw). So I made her a T bar to slip over her screwdriver. With this added leverage she was able to drive it all the way in. I think next time it will need a cap on it though, so downward force can be applied without the bar slipping down. Phillips screws often slip, I think this is because the driver heads become worn, from people using the wrong sized phillips head with the wrong sized phillips screw. This means you have to push them down to hol dthe head in and twist them at the same time.
Square heads also have a size to get right but even so are much easier for the children to drive in, as they rarely if ever slip, so the screw only needs to be twisted and it pulls it self in.

screw driver = huriwiri
screw = wiri

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