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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome Back to Term 3-Outside

Welcome back to Term 3.
One special thing that happens, especially after holidays, is when the children bring in or email us photo's of what's been happening at home along with little written stories explaining the pictures.

We encourage you all to contribute to your children's profiles and this is one way you can keep us in touch with what you see happening for them.

Here's Jack D's bird house in some photo's he brought from home. He worked on very hard last term then took it ome and set it up. Food goes into it everyday and the birds love it, they just have to watch out for Jack's cat.
The children also can add to their books or just snap shots of what they like. Outside cameras have had a great interest already this term. Jimmy, Ollie, Harriet, Aiden and Jack I., have all been asking for them, and Lachie even brought his own one from home. When they have a turn we snap a shot of them holding one of our "my pictures signs" at the start and another with our "finished" sign at the end, so we know who takes what. Becky and Kate brought in a banded tunnelweb dad found, so we hunted around for some food for it, let it have a walk and eventually released it around the back where our other tunnelwebs live, as mum said we could keep it.

What a beautiful spider.

We got out the paint making gear and started grinding charcoal to mix with watered P.V.A. to make paint.

Here's some of Harriet's portrait shots.

Lachie's camera was one that could be used underwater. He knew all about it and showed us how it worked and how you had to dry it after using under the water. He was getting farewell shots of his friends before he goes to school.

In the sandpit I altered some of the grey pipes, sawing them down so we could use them as connectors for the orange pipes. Then since it was mild we brought out the hose.

Here's some of Jimmy and Ollie photo's. They're both learning to keep their finger off the lens.

Ollie shares his photo's with Abi.

Skipping has been a great way to warm up, as has our old favourites the tractors.

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One suggestion was more photo's of different children, well now we have the new permission forms done for everyone you should see more of that happening.

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Anonymous said...

I Love looking at the kids photo's, Lachie bought home some wonderful underwater pictures from Kindy. we take the underwater camera to his Grannie and Grandpa's in Tokaanu, they have a thermally heated pool and the kids love taking photo's of each other underwater!!

Anonymous said...

what a cool kindy!! I wish kindy was as cool in my day in age.