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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kei te torotoro ngā hoa whā -Four friends exploring

Aidan, Lachie, Keegan and Harriet spend the day together, exploring and adventuring.

They spent a lot of time with the flip boards, Harriet and Keegan calling out advice, next onto the balance boards, then off to the trolley board. Later they had to figure out how to fit four people on three swings, so Keegan stood up behind Aidan and then when that didn't work, Aidan hopped off and pushed Keegan, and so it continued all day.

With the flip boards they tried out so many different ways to launch multiple balls. I thought it was a really neat extension and challenge using the flip boards, they set for themselves so I just had to record it.


Anonymous said...

What Clever childern. Future action hreos! Great balancing skills........May be acrobats!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute, it's just like being a fly on the wall, I had a little giggle when they fell of the board. They are all great mates, Lachie will miss being at Kindy and his mates when he starts school in 2 weeks