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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rough & Tumble Play

We value the social learning that comes with 'Rough and Tumble Play'. It has been found that what boy's are learning in 'rough and tumble play' is an essential lesson for all males...
How to be able to have fun...get noisy...even get angry and at the same time...know when to stop.
For a young male living with testosterone, this is vital.
If you live in a male body, you have to learn how to drive it! (Steve Biddulph).
'Our boys' are experiencing social play. They were having fun...there was lots of giggles and laughter. As teachers, David and I guided this play, reminding our children of our rule...
"When someone says 'STOP', you must stop straight away"

Play was even more fun when David entered their play. The rules stayed the same though...that was important.
A really neat thing that did happen was that our girls then entered the play!
Was this because they felt safer having David there?Play freely continued on another day inside. Same rule applied.
I recommend this's essential learning.
Regards, Sharon.

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