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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Volcanic Marshmallows

When we made the fire volcano Jack reflected we should have marshmallows, so he got Sharon to add it to the shopping list.Finally a fine day arrived, but it wasn't Jack's day. We rang and invited him to come anyway. Things were looking good till we got the call, brake trouble, he wouldn't be able to come in.
We decided to go ahead anyway and do it again another time for Jack.
So our presoaked skewers were slotted into holes on poles and sticks.Ready to cook.Onto the fire. After some false starts in the saturated sand (5 days of solid rain) we got it going and the chorus of "can I have a turn" changed to munching as we went into high gear, barely able to keep four sticks loaded.Some were better cooked than others.Once cooked you simply pulled of the skewer and ate your marshmallows while the next person's stick was loaded on the pole.Yum! Once everyone had had a turn, (in some cases several) we went inside to have our lunch.
As well as sharing fire stories the children shared their cooking marshmallow stories from home and camping.
And as usual we repeatedly pushed the fire safety message.


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