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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Straw Oboe, Kate liked it!

So I went to introduce Kate to the straw oboe, and I noticed she was playing a straw already. She'd crushed the end in her teeth and was getting the oboe sound. I knew she' been able to make a straw whistle but not this. She still wanted to try my way with the crushed and cut end. She was so much better than me, when I finally got a sound it was so quiet, but I kept practising!Others had a go, instead of flattening them with teeth, or our thumb on the blunt edge of scissors, we tried our vices. Then we added bells and in some cases holes. I found I could get differing sounds even without the holes.
Kate wanted us to listen and see how far away we could hear her from, but the day was so busy. Finally after everyone else had gone and Kate's mum fortunately running late due to car trouble, we got our chance. Wow the sound carried a long way!

(Edit Adrianne says it was her holding the camera the wrong way the first time not Jo. But is was Jo's voice, not that you can hear it, sorry about the mysterious sound lose in the first sequence.)


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